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Playlist is designed to give you a space to quickly access content that has been selected and categorised by you. Within this section, you'll have the ability to access, manage and create your own playlist.

To access My Playlist, click on Workspace from the top menu, then you'll see My Playlist on the left side of page:

There's no limit on how many playlist you can create or how much content you can add to it. 

To Create a new playlist, the option will be available for you at the top to create a title for your specific playlist and whether if you would like to share this with your school or keep it private.

If you find yourself needing to edit your settings or name of your playlist, just click into that specific playlist, select the edit option and details will appear for you to adjust.

When selecting "My School" in the "Who can see your playlist" this will share your playlist with only Teachers in your school and will appear under their "School Playlist" option in the menu, but it'll remain in "My Playlist" menu for you, as you're the owner of this Playlist.

If you no longer need any playlist, you'll be able to click on Remove playlist and you'll receive a notification to confirm this action. 

*Please note that you're unable to undo if you've removed your playlist

There are a few methods in adding videos to your playlist: 

  • On selective pages, you'll see the "+" icon, which is a quick way for you to add your video

  • If you're searching for specific videos, you'll also have the "+' in the top right corner.

If you have any queries, you'll be able to reach us through the chat box or at

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