My Playlists 

The playlist is designed to give you a space to quickly access content that has been selected and categorised by you.

In this section you will have the ability to access, manage and create your own playlists.

To access My Playlists, click on Workspace  from the top menu, then once in the area, you will see the My Playlist tab on the left hand side

There is no limit on how many playlists you can create or how much content you can add to it.

Create new playlist  gives you the ability to create a Playlist title, ready for when you search videos and clips to add to your Playlist. 

Clicking on a playlist title will direct you to the selection of videos you have added to the specific playlist. In this section, you will have the ability to Remove Playlist, Edit or Delete 

Remove Playlist is the function to remove the entire selected playlist. Once it is removed, you are unable to un-remove the playlist. 

Edit allows you to change the name of your playlist or change the sharing permissions from private to school. By selecting "My School", this will share your playlist with only Teachers in your school and will appear under their "School Playlists" sub menu. It will remain in your "My Playlist" menu as you are the owner of that playlist.

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