Are you having problems accessing EnhanceTV?

Some schools have streaming video websites blocked by their IT administrators. This is typically done to restrict and manage access to websites within the school network. If you have issues with receiving emails from us, please contact your IT administrator and ask them to add the following as ‘whitelisted’ sites.

If you require further assistance, contact us at

Is Single Sign-On available?

Single Sign-On is available via CEnet, Google, Office 365, Active Directory and Government DET but ONLY for a school subscription, not for free users. 

How do I set-up Single Sign-On?

Guides for setting up Single Sign-On are available at

Who is eligible to sign-up to EnhanceTV?

EnhanceTV is available for all teachers and students associated with an eligible Australian school. An eligible Australian school is one which has a Screenrights licence.  All Government and Catholic schools, as well as many independent schools, have a Screenrights licence. If you are not sure if your institution has a Screenrights licence, please contact us.

For information about obtaining a Screenrights licence, visit the Screenrights website

Is EnhanceTV available to Home Schoolers?

Due to licensing restrictions, EnhanceTV is currently not available to Home Schoolers unless you are a part of an institution or organisation that has a Screenrights licence. 

I am a student, can I subscribe? 

Due to our restrictions and terms and conditions, the only way a student can join is via their schools subscription. If you are a student and would like access to EnhanceTV, please talk to your librarian about a School Subscription. A student can not subscribe directly from the EnhanceTV website.

What is a Screenrights licence?

A Screenrights Television and Radio Copying Licence lets schools copy and use television and radio content for educational purposes Visit the Screenrights website for further details.

Can I trial EnhanceTV before subscribing?

A free trial is offered for whole school subscriptions. This will give the school access to our entire catalogue of movies, documentaries and TV shows as well as all the features such as the ability to easily clip programs, create playlists and share videos.

Restrictions can be set on what content students can access during the trial. No credit card details are required and there is no obligation to sign up once the trial is completed.

To request a trial, click here

Why is my school not appearing in the drop down menu during the sign-up process?

Schools without a Screenrights licence will not appear in the drop down list during the sign-up process. For more information on Screenrights licences visit Screenrights website, or for further assistance email

My email address is not being recognised during the sign-up process, what do I do?

You need to use your school email to sign-up to EnhanceTV. If this is not being recognised, please email

Does EnhanceTV sell DVD's?

We do not sell DVD's, all videos are streamed.

Can I purchase individual video downloads?

We no longer sell individual video downloads.

What is the difference between streaming and downloading?

When streaming a video, a continuous stream of data is sent and played as it arrives. Internet connection is required to stream a video. When downloading a video, a copy of the file is made to your local device. This file can be viewed anytime, even without an internet connection.

Can I request a specific video?

EnhanceTV subscribers can request videos. EnhanceTV will seek to comply with requests with the following exemptions:

  1. The requested content cannot be reasonably linked to the Australian Curriculum or an Australian Tertiary Course.

  2. EnhanceTV Editorial staff have a reasonable concern that the requested content might be harmful or offensive to EnhanceTV’s audience of students and educators (see section below).

  3. EnhanceTV editorial staff may decline to capture specific content if there is a reasonable concern that its presentation will cause clear and significant commercial impact to a Broadcaster or Filmmaker. 

Please email with any video requests.

How will I know when my taping request is available?

EnhanceTV advises that you check the site regularly during this time to see whether your request has completed processing. If your request has not appeared within 72 hours after broadcast, email for the process of request.

What is the turnaround time between the broadcast time it becoming available on EnhanceTV?

It typically takes 24-48 hours for a show to appear on the EnhanceTV service after it has been captured from broadcast. If your show still hasn't appeared on the service 72 hours after broadcast, we advise you to contact EnhanceTV on to check on its progress.

What content is available on EnhanceTV?

EnhanceTV strives to ensure teachers and students have easy and direct access to educational broadcast materials, via our online service. EnhanceTV will strive to include content on the service that:

  • Nurtures an appreciation of and respect for social, cultural and religious diversity and a sense of global citizenship.

  • Meets the cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities set out in the Australian Curriculum.  

Are schools able to upload their own recorded off air TV programs to EnhanceTV?

Yes, providing your content meets the T&C's we set out, you can upload your videos to either a current video on our platform or into your own workspace for future use. 

Can my school choose to restrict student access?

Administrators have two ways of restricting the programs available for students to view:

  1. Links only: students to only view videos shared by a teacher

  2. Rating restrictions: students will only view specific ratings. E.g Years K - 6 may only view G and PG content.

Please note that there is no R rated content on EnhanceTV.

How do I log into EnhanceTV via AccessIt Library?

Schools or users with an AccessIt account are able to use EnhanceTV as part of a school trial. Via AccessIt, schools first need to opt in to the trial period in order to allow access to all staff and students. During the trial period staff and students can now access EnhanceTV directly from the AccessIt ‘One Search’ making this integration a seamless experience for your students and teachers.

Can I book a EnhanceTV demo? 

Yes you can, please email to request a demo, or watch this demo video to get you started!

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