Scootle is a great resource for Australian teachers looking for digital resources that are aligned to the Australian curriculum. It boasts of over 20,000 free digital resources. All the key subject areas that are covered including the humanities and social sciences.

Learning Potential Although this website targets parents, teachers can get plenty of activity ideas to try in their classroom. There are also online games and activities to supplement the offline activities.

ELB Education The resources in ELB education are free and are specially made for theAustralian Curriculum. All key subject areas are covered. You can use your browser to look through the material or their Prowise presenter app.

Sparklebox Primary teachers will love this site as it offers thousands of free materials to download and print for their classroom. They cover Literacy and Maths primarily but have materials for classroom décor and to improve classroom management as well. 

For Teachers For Students This site offers crowdsourced materials for various subjects and themes. It has lesson ideas, quizzes, units of work and references to useful websites. The best part is that all the materials are free.

TES Australia TES is a mixture of free and paid education resources. It has materials from preschool up to secondary school including those with special needs. Teachers can create an account to save materials and share or sell their original materials to other teachers as well. The site also has a blog that is regularly updated which can give teaching strategies or lesson ideas to apply in their classroom as well. 

Khan Academy This academy offers teachers the ability to track their students with standard-aligned content in math, science and other subjects. It allows teachers to see the progress of their students. Best of all, it can be synched with Google classroom. Teachers can then make assignments with exercises, videos, and articles.

Cap That This site offers lesson plans that use captions which are found to have learning and literacy benefits for students. The lesson plans cover foundation year to secondary level for the following subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, and Geography. All resources are linked to the Australian curriculum.

Share my Lesson This site offers high-quality crowdsourced contributions from various educators on various subjects from preschool to high school. It has over 420,000 free lesson plans and activities that teachers can use or improve on. Teachers can upload their resources to share with fellow educators.

Planboard This is a free tool for teachers to use for their lesson planning. This makes lesson organising smoother and saves much time. Its Standards progression tool shows the user the curriculum progress for each of their class. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Humane Education This site offers a humanistic and kind approach to education. If you are looking for resources you can use in your classroom that tackles kindness, consumer awareness, and active citizenship; this site is perfect for that. It has materials and resources from pre-school to secondary.

Crayola The crayons giant has been very generous with their lesson plans and teacher resources. It offers materials from preschool to secondary school and covers all the main subject areas. This site is perfect for teachers seeking to integrate art into their subjects.

Reading Australia This Australia centric site makes it easy for teachers to spread a love for Australian texts. It offers resources and materials to all teachers of English. Each book featured contains lesson plans and materials for teachers to use in their class.

English for the Australian Curriculum This massive site is full of resources to support the teaching and learning of English and literacy from Foundation to Year 10. The materials are produced by teachers across the different territories in Australia. The quality of the materials is extremely high as it has been vetted by teaching and curriculum specialists.

British Council  The British Council offers a wide variety of resources (including lesson plans, activities and stories and poems) for English teachers that teach kids, teenagers and even adults. The site also offers professional development opportunities and a magazine that teaches strategies in teaching English.

ScienceWeb Australia This site offers science teachers solid science resources designed from foundation year to year 10. They have prepared 15 units of work, and each unit of work has an overview,  five lesson plans as well as online links and resources. Best of all, the resources are free.

Clean Energy The world is moving towards clean energy, and this site is a deep resource that teachers can utilise to immerse their students in learning about renewable and clean energy. They have detailed lesson plans which use online videos as well.

Cool Australia This site is all about making learning tangible. While it has resources for other subjects, science is one of their strong areas. All learning activities are provided from Foundation to
Year 12 and are aligned to Australian Curriculum standards and the EarlyYears Learning Framework outcomes.They also have an online Digital library to boost learning and teaching.

ABC science If you are looking for science news and articles to kickstart your science discussions in the classroom, this site is for you. You can use the articles to let students work in small groups to discuss a few questions or a particular topic. They have the broad categories of Space, Nature, Humans, and Technology to explore.

Science by doing  This site is perfect for science teachers teaching years 7 to 10. It has free resources like curriculum units and teacher materials to engage students and make them love science. Activities drive it, so both teachers and students will find science fun and delightful.  It is also inquiry-based driven which research has shown to be motivating for students. 

STEM NSW Department of Education Discover Dairy godpFsHEw This site is perfect for teachers seeking an in-depth resource in the area of dairy. It has curriculum-linked lesson plans, presentations, activity ideas, and worksheets. It caters from Foundation year to Year 7. 

Science Centre WZv0UT4jHIU This site is a well-rounded resource for teachers, kids, and their families. They have materials such as facts sheets and activities as well as games and online learning programs. Some resources are connected to the Queensland Museums, so it is good to bring your students to these places as well to maximise their online support resources. 

Science Journal for Kids  This website offers environmental science research articles that have been modified for easy student reading. Best of all, the material is peer-reviewed, so you can be assured of the accuracy and veracity of the content. 

Innovative STEM Teaching  This site offers a good resource for science teachers looking to boost their STEM into their science curriculum. The site has extensive materials on Renewable Energy in particular. It also runs a STEM program that can be purchased by schools as part of their science curriculum. 

E-learning for Kids science/  This site is a massive portal for science teachers offering 213 science lessons! It also has a separate site for Math and Language arts materials. It targets preschoolers up to Grade 6. 

Matific This site offers Math teachers resources from foundation year to year 6. It has a complete lesson plan for each topic starting with the overview, to the opening, to the first math practice until the closing. Each lesson is approximately 50 minutes. The maths practices have answers which make things easier for math teachers.

K-5 Math Teaching Resources 

http://www.k-5mathteachingresources. com/ This math site offers free math resources like lesson plans, activities and worksheets from Kindergarten to Grade 5. It has three core areas for the materials: Number, Geometry and Measurement and Data. 

Kangaroo Maths kenny4.php This site offers free excel spreadsheet resources for math teachers that can be projected on the whiteboard. It covers a wide range of topics such as Algebra, Geometry Statistics, and Basic numeracy. It also offers detailed schemes of work. 

Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers teaching/Classroom-resources/TLF- units-of-work
This site offers detailed schemes of work in Word documents that have references to online resources that can be used for the specific topic as well as print materials that can be downloaded and printed. It has schemes of work from Year 1 to 12. 

Dltk-teach  This is a goldmine for preschool teachers as it offers educational crafts and activities for little kids. It has crafts for shapes, bulletin boards, and children’s books. Aside from that, it offers various worksheets such as story sequencing as well as writing skills to boost the motor skills of preschoolers. 

Prekinders printables/ This site is run by Karen Cox, a preschool teacher in Georgia. In this site, she offers a lot of free printables in the areas of literacy, math, science, music, visual discrimination and classroom management.
Just download, print and the materials are set to be used in your classroom. Do note however that some of her materials are for sale at affordable prices in her TPT store. 

Kidsparkz  This teacher resource for preschoolers offers free printables and a myriad of other paid materials like activity packs, numbers, games as well as songs and rhymes. They have a membership component to the site that gives teachers full access to their over 12,000 materials for preschool children at only $28 annually. 

National Museum Australia This site offers significant resources for the social studies teacher. It caters from Foundation year to Year 12. It has a broad coverage ranging from history, geography as well as Arts, English, and Media. They even have online videos and games to spark further interest in social studies. 

History  This treasure trove of over 250 bitesize history clips and lesson plans and teacher support notes is perfect for history teachers for a small fee of 80 sterling pounds. They offer a two-week trial to see if it suits the history teacher’s situation. 

National Geographic Society This is National Geographic Society’s comprehensive collection of free resources for teachers to bring real-world activities and materials into their classroom. It covers the fields of biology, geography, general science and life sciences as well as current events and issues. 

History Teachers’ Association of Australia This high-quality site provides eight units of free history curriculum materials that were developed by the History Teachers’ Association of Australia to help Australian Teachers implement the history component of the Australian curriculum. The units give sample learning sequences and a wide variety of resources and assessment ideas.

Financial literacy This site is for economics teachers looking to delve deep into financial literacy with their students. The materials and resources were developed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. The materials cater to both primary and secondary students. They also have videos to supplement the printed materials. 

Digital Technologies This is an excellent resource for computer literacy teachers. The topics are categorised into areas such as Digital Systems, coding, and Digital Citizenship. They even have case studies, assessment and professional development opportunities for digital literacy coaches and educators. 

Healthy Kids For educators needing a comprehensive and kid-friendly site to teach healthy eating and nutrition, this site offers varied and interesting teaching resources that teachers can use to boost better eating and nutrition of their students. 

Values,15648.html This niche site offers extensive teacher and classroom resources to teaching values education. Values building are necessary for a society to function with respect and kindness. The site offers lesson plans and activities from early years to later adolescence. 

Law au/teacher-resources For those teaching legal studies to secondary students, this site is a great resource offering free materials such as legal briefs (with embedded videos) to explain key legal concepts. Other resources include role play and specific guides to Australian legal issues and topics. 

Red Cross Australia Red Cross Australia offers lesson plans and teaching resources relating to humanitarian work. This site will help those teachers looking for extensive resources on this topic. They have lesson plans relating to the banning of nuclear weapons, disaster preparedness, and recovery, celebrating diversity and restoring family links. 

Teachstarter This high-quality subscription based site is for preschool and primary teachers looking to save time in a classroom setup and lesson preparation. It offers teaching resource printables, classroom games, and educational posters. It covers a multitude of subject areas including literacy, numeracy, science, the arts and even technology. 

A learning place This membership site is a one-stop place for primary math teachers to learn professionally the proper sequence and way to teach the curriculum and at the same time, there are teaching resources ready to be downloaded and used in their classroom. The site caters from Kindergarten to Year 6. All content is aligned with the Australian curriculum. 

3plearning This site is used by over 100,000 Australian teachers. They have materials for Literacy and Numeracy as well as NAPLAN exam preparation resources. Math teachers can request their schools to purchase the premium workbooks and worksheets to boost academic performance in literacy and numeracy. 

Ideal Resources For teachers looking for online interactive whiteboard activities, games, and worksheets, this site isa gem. It offers over 600 interactive activities for maths and literacy and is ready-made for whole-class setups. They also have over 1,000 printable worksheets that can save valuable teacher preparation time. 

Twinkl Twinkl offers specific resources catering to the Australian curriculum. It caters to preschool teachers up to Year 6 teachers looking for resources to supplement their school materials. It covers the key subject areas of Maths, English, and Science as well as the humanities and arts. Twinkl is an award winning site for their high-quality teacher resources such as lesson packs, PowerPoints, assessment and display materials. 

Maths Builder This site offers an online math program closely aligned to the Australian curriculum. They offer worksheets, interactive games and also language cards. They also have professional development for math teachers looking to boost their teaching skills of math concepts. The math areas covered include number and probability, patterns and algebra, data, measurement, space, and geometry. 

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