Account administrators can upload and manage a school's list of teachers and students in the Users section of Account Management.

To get started, click on Manage Account in the navigation bar then click on Users.

Please set up Student Restrictions before creating accounts for your school for the first time, if you have not already done so.

Before you begin the upload process, you will need your own list of teachers and students you would like to have access to EnhanceTV.

Accessit and CEnet users please note: It is not necessary to upload a list of users if your staff and students are using EnhanceTV with an Accessit or CEnet login. Those accounts are created "on the fly" when users select the single sign-on login option.

Either download our sample Excel document when creating accounts for the first time or download your current list of users - click here to download our template. The sample file provides a template for the information you will be required to provide. 

The sample template will have the columns for first name, last name, user type (student or teacher), email address and year level (F to 12+).

Copy and paste your list of users from a file exported from your school's management system, checking that user information is aligned with the provided column headings. Please contact us if you want to provide access to students who do not have school email addresses.

After you have uploaded your list you will receive links to either one or two reports. One report will confirm which users have been successfully imported. A second report may identify if there are are any errors that need to be corrected.

Click on the link to the error report to download an Excel file with details of any issues. 

Click on Managing Users when you have finished uploading your list of teachers and students. The Users section enables you to manage which members of your school can access EnhanceTV. Please email if you need to increase the number of people accessing your subscription or to change the administrator of your account.

Clicking the Send student logins button will email instructions to all your student users on how to access their accounts. The Send teacher logins button will do the same for your teacher users.

To manage accounts individually, click on the pencil icon to edit the details of an individual's account. Clicking the bin icon will delete that user's account. Please contact EnhanceTV if you need help to remove a large number of users. 

Clicking Add will allow you to add new users to your account individually. Complete the form with the requested details then click save to create the account. Then click the letter icon next to their name to email that single user their login details. 

Updating your user list for the new school year.

First, go to Account Management, then click on Users. scroll down to your user list and then filter by the year level you need to delete entirely. 

Deleting users: You can only delete 50 accounts at a time. To delete an entire page of users, click in the checkbox on the left-hand side at the top of the list to select all users on that page, then click the bin button. To delete a smaller group of users, click the checkboxes to the left of the accounts then click the bin button at the top of the list. To delete individual users, click on the bin next to their name.

To roll over the years: There are two methods by which you can roll over students into new year levels: revise an existing list or upload a new list. 

To revise an existing list of users, download a spreadsheet with your current students and teachers from Account Management. Open the document, sort by year level, highlight the year level column and find and replace 11 with 12. Repeat this process for each year level, being sure to work backwards down to F. Save the list and upload via Import Users.

Alternatively, upload a new list of users as described at the top of this guide using a fresh template. Existing users will be updated with new year levels and new users will be created at the same time.

If you need to delete users you can do so by using the method described above (see Deleting users). Or if there is a large list of users, contact with a list of the email addresses of users that should be removed. Uploading a new list will not automatically delete students.

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