Subscription allows you to look at your EnhanceTV subscription status, showing you the Subscription History, Subscription Status and giving you the ability to Download Invoice and Renew Subscription

To access Subscription, click on Manage account

Then click on Subscription

In the Subscription screen, you will be able to view your subscription history which will show your ID (our reference for the invoice), Plan type (School, CEO, Individual, Free) the date the subscription started, the end date of subscription, The amount of teachers and students that where included in the subscription and a Invoice for each of your current or expired subscriptions. 

To download a invoice, click on Invoice or Download invoice. A document of your invoice will then open.

To renew your school's subscription, click here to read further on how to do this

It will then take you to our Subscription page, giving you an option of Indvidual Teacher or School, depending on your current subscription type

Once you select your subscription, (If you select Individual, the price will be $4 unless you have a promo code) 

Selecting get quote will give you a run down of how much it will cost to renew or subscribe with EnhanceTV. 

To upgrade your subscription of you are a free individual user, click on Upgrade the Subscription

Once you upgrade your account, you will be able to set up a auto-renewal, cancel auto-renewal or change credit card details. 

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