Analytics, is a section of the site for admins only that will give you an overview of use of the site, including the total video views, how many teachers and students have accessed the site, User Logins, Unique User logins, Logins by type, Unique Videos Watched, Top 10 Videos By Count, Top 10 Videos by play time in minutes

To access Analytics, click on Manage account.

In the Account Management section, then click on Analytics.

The Analytics screen will then give you a Total Overview, a snapshot of your Views (Total views played), Students (who have an account) and Teachers (who have an account).
Below the total overview, is a more detailed report with the ability to change the start and end date. Select your Start and End dates then click Show Report

User logins will give you a graph for the time period selected, showing the total number per day of user logins.
Unique Logins will show you a graph of how many Unique Logins you have had within the selected time frame. A unique login shows how many users have logged in, rather than the total logins (including multiple logins for one user).

Logins by Type will give you a graph break down of Student vs Teacher logins for your selected date range
Videos watched is a graph that will show the total videos watched for the selected date range
Unique Videos watched will show you the total per day of unique videos watched (10 students watching 1 video is counted as 1 unique view)

Top 10 videos (by count) is the graph that will show you your top 10 videos by total plays for the selected date range.

Top 10 videos (by play time in minutes) is the graph that will show you your top 10 videos by play time in minutes for the selected date range.

Click on DOWNLOAD to download a spreadsheet of your schools Watch history. Which will include a breakdown of the usage including the usernames.

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