School Resources is the section of the site for school admins only that gives you an overview and the ability to View, Delete and Edit  the resources ( Links, Files and Videos) that you or your teachers on your network have uploaded

To access School Resources, click on Manage Account

In the Account Management screen, click on School Resources

The School Resources page will give you a view of all the resources that have been uploaded by you or teachers within your school network. In this screen, it will show you if it is a file, link or Video. If it was a private resource or a School resource, who uploaded and the ability to View the file / link, View the resource which it is attached to, Delete and Edit. 

To View the File, Link or Video, click on the title or the icon and it will direct you to the link or download the file to your computer.

To view the video of where the resource was attached to, click View and it will open a new tab in your browser with the link to the video.

To Delete the link, file or video, click Delete then confirm by clicking Yes, Delete

Edit will allow you to change the title of the resource or change who can view the resource. You can change it to My School (including students), Teachers at my school or Just my self.

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