Recently you may have noticed a slight change with the Video player interface, we have recently updated the player which now includes the ability to choose your video quality, adjust the playback speed, the ability to embed a video and in browser caching.

To change your video quality, click on the little windows icon next to the play button. You will have 4 selections - Auto, 3 MPBS* is the highest quality with the resolution being 1024 x 576, 1 MPBS the resolution is 864 x 486, 700Kbps  is 640 x 360 and 250Kbps is the lowest streaming quality with a resolution of 320 x 180 and is only available on videos captured before 09/01/2019. We highly recommend using the auto function as it will automatically detect the best quality for your internet connection. 

*3 MPBS only available on content captured after January 9, 2019. 


Pause / Play - Pause and play a video.
Speaker Icon - Volume control, mute or change sound level.
Video Progress Bar - Gives you a indication of how far you are into a video and the ability to skip to a certain point of time in the video.
Closed Caption
- Turn on / off closed caption.
1X Icon - Change the speed of your video playback.
Full Screen - Make the video play in fullscreen mode.


Video details page on the right hand side of the video player will give you the details of the video including the date of broadcast, the year level recommendations for the video, the Australian Classification Board age classification and a brief description of the video.

Share / Embed Icon
To Embed a video into your LMS, click on the arrow / share icon on the right hand of the screen and then copy the code into your LMS. The share a direct link with students, copy and paste the link from the LINK bar. 

Save to / Add to playlist

To Save To, click on the + icon, you can either save to Watch Later, a current playlist or create new playlist. 

To create a clip of a video, click on the scissor icon. You are able to create a clip up to 10 minutes in length. To learn more about clipping, click here

Add resource

To attach resource to a video, click on the Add Resource button at the bottom of the video details page. The type of resources you can add are Worksheet / Picture, Weblink or Video. To find out more about adding resources, click here

Why can't you see Closed Caption on some videos? With our agreement to specific channels and broadcasters, we're only able to capture Closed Captions/Subtitles if the broadcast has supplied this.

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