EnhanceTV provides LTI as a way for teachers to connect EnhanceTV to other software commonly used in schools, such as learning management systems. Popular platforms, including SchoolBox, Moodle and Canvas, can be integrated with EnhanceTV.

You can access your LTI setup information by clicking Manage Account then on LTI Provider.

The LTI screen will show your Consumer Key, Shared Secret and Basic LTI Launch Tool Configuration XML URL for you to copy into your LMS settings. 

The LTI Provider / External Tool Details includes:

  • Consumer Key Unique identifier for the authentication of the LTI Consumer (LMS instance owner, a school usually) with the LTI Tool Provider (EnhanceTV). With a school cluster subscription (eg: CEO) the LTI consumer is still going to be the institution, not the cluster (or CEO).

  • Shared Secret This should be kept secret, something that should only be shared between EnhanceTV and the LTI Consumer.

  • Basic LTI Launch Tool Configuration XML URL The URL to the external tool LTI configuration XML to provide the tool using Basic LTI Launch capability.

To copy the code, click on the clipboard icon. 


To set up the EnhanceTV LTI in Schoolbox, log into your Schoolbox account, click on Settings.

Then click on LTI Providers 

Find the EnhanceTV section and click on the dropdown to see the settings. Copy and paste the settings into the appropriate sections. Then click on update provider


To set up the EnhanceTV LTI for Moodle, log into your Moodle account and goto Site Administration

Then click on plugins 

Then click on Manage Tools

To add EnhanceTV, click on Configure A Tool Manually underneath the Add Tool function.

Then add all the details from your LTI settings page and name the tool EnhanceTV

Click save changes once you have finished. Your EnhanceTV LTI will then be set up for use. You will then see an icon appear in the manage tool section.


LTI app configuration in Canvas can happen on the course or account. Click the "Settings" link in the left sidebar of the course or account where you want to add the app. Then click on Apps

Once in the Apps screen, click View App Configurations

Then click on App to add EnhanceTV

In the Add app screen, change the configuration type in the dropdown to By URL and then copy and paste the Consumer Key, Shared Secret and Config URL addresses from your EnhanceTV LTI Settings menu. 

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