Clipping is a EnhanceTV feature that is only accessible to Paid Teacher, School and School trial accounts. Clipping will give you the ability to make a short clip of a Video (up to 10 minutes in length)

To make a clip, go to Video of your choice, on the top right hand side, you will see a scissor icon, click on the scissors to bring up the clipping screen.

To set your start point, find time in the video you would like to start the clip from and click set start point.

To set the end point, click on the time of the video you would like to clip to end. Please note that the clip may not exceed 10 minutes in length. When you have finished, click Next. If you wish to start again and not save your progress, click Delete Clip.

Add information will let you add the clip title, description of clip, tag a clip if you wish to tag it, the subject that the clip is most suited too and the recommend School Year group for the clip. Click Next once you have finished.

Share will give you the option to share the clip with All Schools within the EnhanceTV network or Your school, where only users within your school network will be able to view the clip. Click Finish to finalize the clipping process. 

Once you have finished clipping, it will then appear in My Workspace with a test pattern signal in the screenshot, this means it is currently being processed and will be available shortly. Please note that it may take up to 4 hours to complete processing depending on how many other clips and videos are being processed on our system at that time. 

Once the clip has finished processing, it will appear in My Clips with an appropriate screen shot from the video.

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