If you are having trouble watching a video, please email help@enhancetv.com.au with as much detail as possible including any relevant screenshots. Please note to play a video, all users must be signed in and currently located within Australia due to our licensing restrictions.

If you are having playback issues, please change the video playback quality to the lowest bitrate and see if that fixes the issue.  You can change the playback by clicking on the small boxes on the bottom of the video screen, the video quality box will then pop up, select the lowest quality, for videos published on EnhanceTV before the 9th of January 2019, it will be 250 kpbs, for videos published after the 9th of January 2019, it will be 700kbps. 

If you are experiencing audio and video syncing issues or general playback issues, please take note of the time on the video, email help@enhancetv.com.au to allow us to investigate and rectify.

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