Single sign on is a great feature available for accounts that are a part of a School Subscription only (Trial or Paid). Single Sign On is not available for Free or Paid Teacher subscriptions.

I am a teacher / student a part of a School subscription,  what are my Single Sign On options?

If you have been added to your school account, you will be able to use one of the following single sign options from the page.

Google (if your school email accounts are linked to google)
Microsoft (if your school email accounts are linked to Microsoft)
NSW Education (If you are a part of a NSW government school)
CEnet* (For Catholic education schools a part of the CEnet network)

*CEnet teachers and schools will be able to sign in to EnhanceTV without having a pre existing EnhanceTV account if  your school has an active school account, your account will be created on the fly via CEnet.

Why does my google or outlook email address not work with single sign on?

All Google and Microsoft accounts must be linked to your schools email system. Due to licensing restrictions, you will not be able to subscribe or use single sign on with your Google and Microsoft accounts that are not linked to your school. Single sign on will not work with gmail or outlook accounts. 

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