Here is a summary of how many videos you can currently watch with your EnhanceTV free subscription 

For the first 14 days of your EnhanceTV free subscription, you will have unmetered usage of all videos on EnhanceTV. After your 14th day, your free subscription will view limited. The limits are
Monday to Friday between 12am - 6pm, you are allocated 2 plays per calendar month.
Monday to Friday between 6pm - 12am your views are unmetered.
Saturday and Sunday - Unmetered viewing
School holidays - Unmetered viewing

How long can I watch a video for before it counts as a play? A video play is when you watch 5 minutes of a video concurrently.

How many short clips can I watch on a Free Teacher Subscription?
You are able to watch as many clips as you like as long as they are under 5 minutes in length. 

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