Sharing video with students is only possible on a school trial or plan, not individual teacher plans. 

Step 1, To begin, you and your students should be logged into Google Classroom. 

Step 2. Then log into EnhanceTV. You can do this using the top login box. Alternatively, depending on how your school is set up, you can use the appropriate single sign-on buttons circled in red below. For example, NSW Government schools can use the NSW Education button. 

If your students do not use Google accounts, they can use the relevant single sign-on button or simply log in with their school email address and EnhanceTV password further up the page. 

Step 3. To share a video with your students, use the share button on the required video page.

Step 4. Copy and paste this shareable link into your Google Classroom lesson page. 

Step 5. In your Google Classroom lesson, add a link. Paste the EnhanceTV shareable link here. The title and image of the video will appear. Students that are already logged into EnhanceTV will be directed straight to the page and can play the video. If they are yet to log into EnhanceTV, they will be prompted to do so when they click on the shared link.

ˆBelow: Google Classroom lesson page with EnhanceTV video added

And you’re done!

Understand ‘Student Restrictions’ controlled by your account administrator

The administrator of the EnhanceTV school account has control over Students Restrictions, which they can find  under Manage Account settings. You should  liaise with your administrator to change what students in each year level can view. The administrator manages both browse and playback settings.

Browse settings (what students can search):

  • Full access: Students can browse and search all pages but only watch videos where the classification matches the 'playback' rating for their year level.
  • Link-only access: Logged-in students can only play videos that are shared via an encoded link provided by a teacher. They cannot play any other videos or browse other pages while logged in. 
  • Schools can have a mix between full and link-only access across different year levels. 

Playback settings (what students can view): 

  • Your school account administrator can control what videos students at each year level can play according to video classifications (ie G, PG, M and MA).
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