Users is the section of the site where you can upload and manage a list of your teachers and students

Click on Manage Account

Click on Users, if you have not set up your Student Restrictions yet, please do this before uploading students

Before you upload, you will need a list of teachers and students you would like to use the system*. 

*if your staff and students are using EnhanceTV via AccessIT or if you have a CEnet login, you will not have to upload a list of users as their accounts are created "on the fly" either via your accessit account or by using the single sign on option for CEnet.

Either download a list of your current users (which if not staff or students are listed, will just be the Admin account) or start off with our Sample file Excel document which will give you the template to the information required. 

The sample template will have the columns for First name, Last name, User type, Email and year level.

You can cut and paste your list from your school registration / management system. If not all your students have school email addresses and you wish for those students to have access, please get in contact with EnhanceTV . 

Once you have uploaded you will receive a report to say if your upload was successful or had errors

Clicking on the error report will download an excel file with the details of the error. 

When you have completed your upload, clicking on managing users will give you a comprehensive menu on managing your users. If you need to add more teacher or student numbers or change the administrator of the account, please email

Download will download your current list of uploaded users

Add will allow you to add a new user to your school account, fill out the details then save will save their account. To send the recently added user their login details, hit the mail icon next to their name in the user management window. 

To Import Users / Add a bulk amount of new users to your school, click import users.

Download your current users then add your new users to your existing spreadsheet. If you would like to remove bulk users, please contact EnhanceTV customer service. 

Send Student logins allows you to send students all their log in details.

Send Teacher Logins allows you to send teachers all their log in details.

The email they will receive will look like the below:

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