Term 4 2018.

Recently you may of noticed a slight change with the Video player interface, we have recently updated the player which now includes the ability to choose your video quality, skip forward or rewind back 30 seconds, adjust the playback speed, the ability to embed a video and in browser caching.

To change your video quality, click on the little windows icon next to the play button. You will have 3 selections - 1 MPBS which is the highest quality and the resolution is 864 x 486, 700Kbps which is medium streaming quality and the resolution is 640 x 360 and 250Kbps is the lowest streaming quality with a resolution of 320 x 180. We highly recommend using the auto function as it will automatically detect the best quality for your internet connection. 

To skip forward 30 seconds or rewind 30 seconds, scroll in the window of the video and the icons will appear to rewind or skip forward 30 seconds.

To Embed a video into your LMS, click on the arrow / share icon on the right hand of the screen and then copy the code into your LMS.

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